USAF Evaluates Blaniks

AFOTEC evaluates Blaniks - June 2000

Around one hundred and fifty flights were made in three Blaniks at Skylark North Gliderport near Edwards Air Force Base, California, in the first half of June 2000. Eleven evaluating and ten other pilots participated in the two-week long operational evaluation.

Blaniks evaluated:

L13AC Blanik N322BA
L23 Super Blanik N400AZ
L33 Solo N315BA

Participating organizations:

USAF Test Pilot School
USAF Academy 94th FTS
JP Aviation
Skylark Glider School
Cypress Soaring
US Civil Air Patrol
Brown Air Service
Blanik America

A report from the evaluation is being prepared and is expected to become available in the fourth quarter of 2000.

A Photo Essay

Photos courtesy of Skylark North Gliderport, and of Blanik America, Inc.

Location: Mountain Valley Airport at Tehachapi, CA

A close-up




A high-shot






Stack of papers: What the evaluation was about - to produce a report.


From left: Gary Aldrich and LtCol.Jerry Egel are helped by Larry Barret before their acro sortie in the L13AC Blanik.

LtCol. Jerry Egle with Maj. Doug Dodson in the L23, with Jim Payne assisting






LtCol. Joe Pacheco in the cockpit of L33 Solo






2ndLt. Matt Acer with Mike Marker in the L23






Here are a few close-up photos of the pilots, some from the evaluation team:

Top row from left: Maj. Doug Dodson, LtCol. Jerry Egel, 2ndLt. Matt Acer, Col. Mike Peters. Bottom row from left: Mike Marker, Gary Aldrich, Sgt. David Richman, Larry Barrett

From left: Jim Payne, Mike Marker, Sgt. David Richman, 2nLt. Matt Acer, Vitek Siroky, LtCol. Joe Pacheco, LtCol. Jerry Egel


L13AC Blanik, L23 Super Blanik and L33 Solo at the tie-downs



awaiting another day of flight testing....



Jim Payne applying the seal tape to the L33 Solo







L33 Solo being readied for take-off



Two L23s on the flight line...





TV2 enclosed trailers - the one on the left for the L13AC Blanik, and the other one for L23 Super Blanik




This is where the meetings were held - at Skylark North's operations building

* Read more about the USAF evaluations here

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