MARCH 2024
March 3, 2024

Two L-13 Blanik gliders are in transit from the Blanik factory to two customers on the U.S. West Coast. Here are photos from their journey.

January 16, 2024

L-13 Blanik gliders at the Blanik factory awaiting refurbishement. Currently two of them have not yet been assigned to a customer.
For details and order contact BLANIK AMERICA.
There are no used or refurbished L23 Super Blaniks available at this time. However, you can order a brand new L23 Super Blanik again!
For order contact BLANIK AMERICA. Technical details are HERE.


Report from the owner of miniLAKfes self launcher, Justin Shaw.
This is what he shared in March of 2022:
I have been VERY HAPPY with the mini-LAK FES.  The ship has had minimal "mechanical issues" and is extremely sturdy, well built and reliable.  She is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble and the Sportine Aviancja manufactured trailer has been also very reliable, well constructed, sturdy, and fits the ship well. The FES system has also proven to exactly meet my needs and to provide what I had hoped for when I ordered the ship. I am able to self launch all by myself and fly anytime the weather is cooperative and my schedule permits.  I rarely have to use the FES to "save" from an outlanding by the few times I have done so (less than 5 times in 300 hours!) it has worked flawlessly. I wish I had the larger battery packs to provide a little more reserve capacity and climb performance but the standard packs and the FES systems works great for me. All in all, I'm very pleased with this glider. You as well as the S.A. and FES people should know that!

miniLAK flown over 1,000 km

Look here for maps, statistics, and more.

LAK-17CFES self launchers come to America

BLANIK AMERICA has started delivering the long-awaited eighteen-
meter wing span electric self launchers LAK-17CFES to America.

VIDEO of miniLAKfes self launch from grass. 10 feet AGL after 1,000 feet roll. Video courtesy of Jamie Shore and Jeff Banks.  

How are the L-13 Blaniks modified to lift the A.D. grounding?
Click here for a report by Flying Revue taking the peek at the backstage of Blanik Aircraft CZ manufacturer.


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News Archive  Click here for BLANIK news and publications since 1990 until July 2005.

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