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Type-Certified in Standard Aerobatic Category

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USAF Academy Dual Aerobatic/Spin Training Glider of choice.

The USAF Academy added five L13AC Blaniks to its fleet in 2002. Photos of the gliders.

The two-seat all-metal L13AC Blaník is an aerobatic version of the L13 Blanik, primarily intended for dual aerobatic training while also used for elementary glider training. It has the same cockpit as the L23 Super Blanik with one piece canopy, the tail of an L13, and shortened L23 wings. The intended users of the L13AC Blaník are clubs, commercial, and military schools where instructors and other pilots are trained in mastering basic aerobatic maneuvers.

The aim of the L13AC Blanik is to promote instruction in aerobatics, including recoveries from unusual glider attitudes. The availability of this kind of glider, similar to the original Blanik, the most widely used trainer in the world, makes it possible for instructors to refresh their aerobatic skills, and to pass the confidence gained on to their students. The advent of the L13AC Blanik heralds more participation in glider aerobatics, and brings a boost to the sport of soaring.

L13AC Blanik, already type-certified in the standard aerobatic category, received the Czech Type Certificate for operations also with wing tip extensions attached. An amendment to the U.S. Type Certificate is expected to follow soon. The quick-mounting wing tip extensions bring the shorter-winged L13AC back to the standard wing span of L-13 Blanik and/or L23 Super Blanik.

L13AC Blanik has received the FAA Type Certificate G24EU, Rev. 5, in the Aerobatic Standard U.S. Airworthiness Category, on August 25, 1999.



[L13AC Blanik aerobatic trainer]


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Wing span 46 ft 4 in / 14.1 meters

Length 27 ft 7 in / 8.4 meters

Height 6 ft 10 in / 2.1 meters

Wing area 187.3 sft / 17.4 sq. meters

Glider empty weight 675 lbs / 306 kg

Glider max. weight 1,103 lbs / 500 kg

Never exceed speed 127 kts

Stall at max. weight 38 kts

G-limits at max. weight (2 pilots) +5.3/-3

G-limits (1 pilot) +6/-3.5

Max. glide 26:1



The L13AC Blanik has the same good flight characteristics as the L13 and L23 Blaniks, has excellent behavior in stalls, and spins easily and safely. In addition to the aerobatic capabilities of the L13 and L23, the L13AC is livelier and many more maneuvers may be flown with it (see the listing below). It loses less altitude during aerobatic maneuvers, even though up to the speed of 51 knots (95 km/h) its sink rate is slightly higher than that of the L13 and L23. However, above that speed it has better penetration due to the higher wing loading. Also, the control forces at higher air speeds are lower than those for the L13 and L23.


Allowed Maneuvers (all with two pilots)

Technical description

The L13AC Blaník is an all-metal, two-seat, high-wing sailplane composed for 98% of standard components from the L13 and L23 type-certified sailplanes. The wings are modified L23 wings, the front fuselage is from the L23 (including the new one-piece canopy and improved seats), and the aft fuselage including the tail surfaces is from the L13. The rudder area has been diminished and a triangular surface has been added to the vertical fin. The wing span is 6 ft 11 in (210 cm) shorter than on a standard L13 or L23, and the ailerons start about 18 inches (47 cm) closer to the fuselage. Both cockpits are equipped, besides with the standard Blanik instruments, also with G-meters in both front and aft panels, and with 5-point aerobatic seat belts. The initial service life of the glider is 2,000 flight hours when operated as per section 2.1.5. of the L13AC Maintenance Manual. The L13AC is FAA type-certified for operation in the standard aerobatic category.

Standard Equipment

This all-metal two-place glider comes with a wide array of accessories included as standard *) features: One-piece canopy, eleven instruments including two total energy variometers 1,000 ft/min or 10 kts with a fin-mounted probe, two altimeters 20,000 ft, two air speed indicators in kts, one variometer 60 kts, two electric turn and bank indicators, two G-meters, AMU-10 electronic load recorder, factory front aerotow and center of gravity winch hooks, 5-point seat belts, seat cushions, special seat back rests, extra seat with 33 lb ballast, cockpit cover, pitot cover, set of spare parts, flight manual, maintenance manuals vol 1 and 2, levelling and rigging record, weight and balance record, warranty 12 months/120 flying hours.

*) Check the most recent Quote Order form for currently included standard features.


Frequently ordered options are: White color all over with optional red stripes, seat back cushions, wing tip extensions (improving the L/D from 26:1 to 28:1), wing installation drift pin, control locks and ground anchors, winch tow rope, wing tie-down rings, 48-part tool kit, first aid kit, strut charger, spare parts catalog. Also available as options are 35,000' altimeter, radio and installation, special upholstery, center of gravity bottom winch tow hook, strut seal kit, covers for the entire glider, and custom paint ornamentation. For transportation and storage the enclosed TV2 trailer is available.

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